Commercial Services

- Market study and strategic implementation plans
- Direct sales
- Business development
- Channel management
- Project management
- Marketing programs
- Product management

Engineering Services

- Technical project management
- Pre & Post sales consultancy and support
- Architectural and system development
- Product Management
- Training

Commercial Services

Allowing you to choose the level of effort to invest into the developing region you can elect to choose any or all of the following capabilities for a short, medium or long term engagement. Utilising over 40 years of experience and consultative and spin selling techniques we can drive business to a 'win - win' for both the principle and the customer. Making use of regular reports and industry standard CRM technologies we can make sure of clear and accurate forecasting and knowledge exchange:

- Market Study - eurama will take your product knowledge and our geographical expertise to build a clear profile of the current market position and a strategic growth plan

- Direct Sales, Business Development and Channel Management – many companies come to Eurama to build and develop their pipeline of opportunities and close new accounts. Working on a flexible basis can reduce the cost of sales and promote a rapid return on investment

- Project Management – do you have a short or fixed term project requiring additional capacity? We can provide a balance of commercial and technical overview to ensure that all key success points, cost, technical excellence, customer satisfaction, are met

- Marketing Programs – with many key relationships with local Embassies, industry trade bodies as well as more traditional routes to market such as trade press, shows, etc. we can assist you in developing a plan to grow your visibility and local presence

- Product Management – do you need to get an additional geographical view of the market and customer requirements? Are you looking to promote a new technology and evangelise its capabilities to a new customer base? Leveraging our blend of technical and commercial experience we can support your entry into a developing region

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