Commercial Services

- Market study and strategic implementation plans
- Direct sales
- Business development
- Channel management
- Project management
- Marketing programs
- Product management

Engineering Services

- Technical project management
- Pre & Post sales consultancy and support
- Architectural and system development
- Product Management
- Training

Engineering Services

Allowing you to choose the level of effort to invest into the developing region you can elect to choose any or all of the following capabilities for a short, medium or long term engagement with in depth experience of Linux, Windows, Solaris, HPUX, and MacOS, C, C++, C#, Java, Javascipt, Python, Objective C, PHP and HTML we have the knowledge to support most developments using Waterfall, Agile or Scrum development methodologies:

- Technical Project Management - do you have a short or fixed term project requiring additional capacity? We can provide a balance of commercial and technical overview to ensure that all key success points, cost, technical excellence, customer satisfaction, are met

- Pre & Post Sales Consultancy and Support - articulating the key technical benefits and matching those to customer requirements, evangelising the technical capabilities and how they address key technical challenges, technical profiling of opportunities to ensure that the solution matches the problem and providing local expertise to assist with installation and use issues

- Architectural and system development - often the difference in a project achieving its goals and being an exceptional success is getting the initial design and implementation right. Working closely with the customer to carefully analyse the requirements, technical match up and implementation and then following this up with regular reviews and supporting the performance tuning towards the end will drive a project to exceeding its baseline targets, a key to repeat implementations and public testimonials

- Product Management - do you need to get an additional geographical view of the market and customer requirements? Are you looking to promote a new technology and evangelise its capabilities to a new customer base? Leveraging our blend of technical and commercial experience we can support your entry into a developing region

- Training – we can take your local training courses (or write them if they do not exist) and deliver them to local customers

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