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eurama has extensive experience in working with European and American companies, understanding the geographical, cultural and business practise differences that exist. These differences can be a source of strength and innovation if managed correctly.

We typically manage the initial market study, business development and sales. Once the first phase is complete and we all have a clear picture of the sales potential and required resource eurama can support growth by adding additional capability directly or through engaging with one of our geographic business partners or market experts.

The 2010 IMF estimate for the GDP of Europe is US$17.5 trillion, equivalent to that of North America (United States and Canada) with Asia Pacific coming in at just over US$13 trillion dollars. To focus on one region and not consider the potential in others is limiting growth significantly. A clear focus on key regions is critical, however, to be to restrictive in approach can hinder a company’s chance of success. Engaging with eurama to develop new regions and allowing core focus to remain will resolve this challenge.

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